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NANO Antivirus review

Searching today on for tweets regarding computer security, I’ve found a twitter account, NANOantivirus associated with a new russian security software company,  NANO Security. To be honest, I never heard of this company before so I made a little research  on for his product NANO AntiVirus and surprisingly enough the first search results on are dominated by links to sites talking about a fake antivirus with the same name, NANO AntiVirus. According to these sites, the NANO AntiVirus rogue software has the same behaviour as all the fake antiviruses, it displays false alerts and pop-up warnings about a false computer massive infection. Displaying a lot of fake …

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Scam websites

More and more people from around the world use the Internet for socializing, for online transactions, buying things, send and receive money,  and about anything they can do involving interaction with other people or companies. Almost all these start with a search for your interest keywords in a powerful search engine and the most powerful is as you know but far from the perfection. Many hackers using black hat methods can manipulate  the Google search results positioning their scam websites in the top of search results, though for short amount of time until Google blacklist them. Let’s dig a little how this is possible. One of the most factor …

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Data Loss Prevention Systems

In the past, the data loss or data leakage was a big concern for big or medium companies but nowadays when we are witnessing an exponential growth of commercial espionage and the fight for “the market” become so intense between competitors, the data loss prevention is of utmost importance for absolutely all the companies, bigger or smaller. A  data leakage from within the company has direct and indirect consequences, direct as  data usage by your competitors and indirect as loss of the credibility with your customers. Nobody wants their personal data as addresses, phone numbers, Social Security number or credit card details being compromised by a company with neglectful employees …

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