Free defending solutions, worse than paid ones ? No !

missingThere is “free solutions” for fixing, maintaining or disinfect your computer worse than paid solutions? I name them solutions because there is not about a certain AntiVirus or AntiMalware, instead is about of a set of combined methods to avoid computer infections, methods which can give you the best protection, much better than a single paid AntiVirus or AntiMalware program.

A paid solution is when you purchase a program for maintaining your computer like a Registry Cleaner, a Disk Cleaner or an AntiVirus for protecting or disinfect the computer,  or when you pay an “expert” for doing these but they using the same programs.  Almost all the System Utilities are available by default in all versions of Windows in Accesories > System Tools search for them, and paid programs use at LOW level the same dlls, use the same Windows packages but in another commercial envelope. If you want “another one” than Windows programs there is a lot of freebies programs out there.

Bundled with Windows come for free Windows Defender and Windows Firewall but how many use them ? I don’t say they are the best for protecting, anyway the most computer users prefer to buy an “good” AntiVirus like Norton or NOD32 or Kaspersky or Bitdefender thinking they are FULL protected by now.

This is BIGGEST mistake ! There is no perfect AntiVirus that can “catch” all the viruses and trojans, they all have a higher or lower rate of success . I’m still waiting for the AntiVirus Company what can GUARANTEE me that I will not  be hacked and my personal data stolen. The Companies advertise their “Full Protection” and give to the computer users the feeling they are 100% protected, nothing can be more wrong. Every day the malware programmers releases new trojans and malwares unknown for a good period of time for AntiViruses. If you download cracked programs from forums or blogs the popular warez but not only, simple techniques using freeware programs can help you protect yourself better than an expensive AntiVirus alone.

It is a known fact that when scanning online a program(.exe) different AntiViruses report different things, where one detect a trojan, other one detect nothing and the third one report a worm.

How it is to have your paypal account hacked, email hacked, credit card details stolen? A lot of hackers are hunting for them!

Again, I don’t say to drop to the garbage the AntiViruses, but knowing some simple facts can help to protect us much better. Knowledge is power ! AntiViruses are good, a “must-have”  freeware or paid, but don’t rely only on them, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket, because they have limitations.

The aim of this site is to help you protect, mantain and fix your computer as much as possible approaching  free solutions. Of course, for who are too lazy or not sure what they do, the paid solutions are the alternative.

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