Israel vows to retaliate

Israel vows to retaliate after credit cards are hacked

“Israel has active capabilities for striking at those who are trying to harm it, and no agency or hacker will be immune from retaliatory action,” he added, without giving further details.



Hacking started as a sort of way to see what was out there. It evolved to what it is today as a way to attempt to get money from people as a criminal activity. It’s been the driving force behind a lot of the malware.

Until spyware came along, sponsored by the advertising industry, malware remained one of those items you had to click and install something in order to catch it. As long as you remained with software you trusted the source of, you were pretty safe.

As with everything else it seems, the advertising industry is driven by money. In order to show their proposed plans are likely to work to entice companies to use their services, they needed to show trends in people’s surfing habits; where they went, what they did, and what they looked at. To do this they started with cookies monitoring the website and later developed tools that didn’t require the surfer to be aware of spyware.

The installation of spyware allowed the advertising industry to find out more than the web surfer would have told them on their own. They could then see everywhere the individual went and what they did. Spyware was installed on the unsuspecting machines without the users knowledge.

Doing a reverse engineering of the software that allowed spyware gave malware writers the ability to do the same unsuspecting install so that the surfer did not have to agree to anything beyond just showing up. So malware then became a major problem for anyone using the net. All it took was showing up. You didn’t have to agree with anything.

The idea that Israel is going to go after credit card thieves will present an interesting problem for them of what to do with the out of country places that are rife with malware writers. I am curious to see just what their plans are for that as it has been the bottle neck for every other country’s attempts at killing credit card scams and spam.

You will pardon that I am skeptical until I see results.

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