Malware online scanners

Here is a list with online malware analysis services, updated as needed. Every time you feel a file is suspicious or you receive a file from an untrusted source, it’s recommended to scan it with one of these online services before to open it. Please bear in mind that even a friend’s computer can be considered an untrusted source, since it can be malware infected and files sharing is a good chance for malware to spread.

The main advantage of these online scanners is that the submitted files will be scanned with many antivirus engines, reducing the chances for a virus to be unrecognized and therefore labeled as inoffensive — sometimes this is called multi-engine scanning. If an antivirus fail to detect an infected file, there are others that may recognize the infected code inside the file.

Here are also online services which provide detailed informations about the actions taken of a malware on the infected operating systems and services able to scan a given URL for possible threats.

Here you go :


Maximum file size: 32MB

Can be submitted suspicious files or URLs.

Jotti’s malware scan

Maximum file size: 20MB


Maximum file size: 8MB

This service provide a detailed report about the actions that an executable does on an operating system. In the case an URL is submitted, the report is about Internet Explorer process details when is visiting the submitted URL.


Maximum file size: 5MB

Files scanner


Maximum file size: 20MB

This scanning service supports Rar/Zip compressed files.

Joe Sandbox

Advanced analysis system providing detailed reports about submitted executables, PDF or DOC(Microsoft Word) files.

Sunbelt’s CWSandbox

Maximum file size: 12288 KB

The results of the file analysis are sent to provided email adress.

Microsoft Security Portal

Maximum file size: 10MB

The files can be submitted RAR or ZIP compressed.

Eureka Malware Analysis

It’s an automated malware binary analysis service. For each uploaded binary, the Eureka service will attempt to unpack and disassemble the binary, and will produce an annotated callgraph, subroutine/data index page, strings summary, and list of embedded DNS entries.

Comodo Instant Malware Analysis

Very simple to use file scanner


It’s a service for analyzing web-based malware therefore the file formats supported are Flash, JavaScript, and PDF files. Can be submitted both files or URLs.


Can be submitted files or URLs for analysis. In order to obtain the scanning results, the registration is required.


Maximum file size: 20MB


Online binary analyzer, can be submitted either MD5 hash of a file, an IP or a Domain for analysis. Can be used Drag & Drop for files upload max size: 10MB and after analysis(15 to 30 minutes) the file MD5 hash will be used to search and see the report.


novirusthanks Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanner

Maximum file size: 20MB

Can be scanned a suspicious file or a Web adress .


Votiro – Cloud Sanitization Service analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick neutralization of trojans, viruses, worms and zero-day attacks.

Maximum file size: 64MB (Supported File Types:pdf,jpg,jpeg,png,bmp,tif,tiff,gif,wmf,emf)

avast! Online scanner

Maximum file size: 16MB

Kaspersky file online scanner

Maximum file size: 1MB

Anti-virus scan service IrishCreamService

Maximum file size: 20MB

It test files, URLs, domaims or IPs with 14 antivirus engines.

Joe DD – Joe Document Dissector

Joe DD  is an automated malware analysis platform for detecting malicious documents. Very good to analyze suspicious email attachments.


System scanning services working via your browser(Active X plugin based). The majority of these services are provided by security vendors

Trojan Scanner

TrojanScan is licensed from Emsi Software GmbH . Old now.

Internet vulnerability scanner- Firewall test

Bitdefender—60-Second QuickScan

It works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browser, using a plugin. The system scan is performed very quickly, in under 60 seconds.

BitDefender Online Scanner

Accessible from your browser, it will scan and automatically clean the system memory, in addition to all files and drives’ boot sectors.

Emsisoft Web Malware Scan

ESET Online Scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner

HouseCall – Free Online Virus Scan

Support for 64-bit, Windows 7, and Windows 7 SP1

Panda ActiveScan 2.0

ActiveScan 2.0 is an advanced online scanner based on Collective Intelligence (scanning in-the-cloud)

Rising Online Malware Scanner


Websites scanning services:

A scanning service for websites able to detect malicious code included in hacked websites such as malicious iframes, redirections, scripts etc. It also detect if software used for a website is up to date. Because it’s new it was tested by me on a few websites vulnerable to SQL injection and has performed very well, being able to detect the weaknesses.


It’s a service for scanning domains(websites) in order to identify possible exploits, malware and malicious threats.


It’s a generic JavaScript unpacker, can be submitted URLs, PDF, HTML or JavaScript files for analysis and malware detection.

It is a service for detecting and analyzing web-based malware. It provides detailed information about the activities a browser does while visiting a site and presents the information for further analysis.

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