This website is related to computer’s and network security, trying to bring in the front of the visitors the latest cyber-threats, different kind of malware, trojans, computer viruses, exploits. These are a part of the day by day threats that every PC user is faced.

I struggle to keep the articles as simple and understandable as possible, avoiding to use an exaggerated technical language that only the experts can understand because one of the goals of cleanbytes.net website is to contain only articles accessible by  any computer user even if he(she) has not a very advanced technical knowledge.

To better understand the dimensions of the Internet threats, in 2009 year I have uninstalled from my Microsoft Windows machine all the security software(anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware). Because a lot of malware have virtual environment checks, running a virtual machine can affect the malware normal behaviour, so a real computer is used. However, it is an experiment that I do not recommend to anybody unless he knows what he does.

Running at least a decent antivirus and a firewall is more than a necessity for the computer users. A statistic says that first computer infection occurs in minutes if no protection software is running. It must be some truth here.

About me now, I’m an independent researcher and I have not a special training(special schools) in the security  domain only a huge and I mean really huge  desire to learn as much as possible about computers security. I’m not wrong if I say this is my passion. Though, my field of training is in electricity and I have a day by day job in this field.

I hope you understand why I’m not feeling comfortable to show here my exact address or all the details about my identity. And why these details could matter? In my opinion what really matter is to keep my visitors informed with the latest news in computers security because The knowledge is power isn’t it,  to find the best methods for preventing malware infections and the best methods for disinfecting computers if these are the cases.

Keep safe !

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