Fake avast! antivirus website

A fake website for the well-known avast! antivirus is floating around the Internet trying to scam the users.

Even if it is a subtle difference between the original domain of the avast! antivirus and the fake(scam) domain, you can notice it easily.

  • http://www.avast.com  – this is the original domain of avast! antivirus
  • http://avast-download.com  – this one is a fake domain for avast!

The registrant informations for the fake avast! domain are private, the Whois Lookup reveals only:

Domain avast-download.com

Date Registered: 2010-9-21
Date Modified: 2010-9-21
Expiry Date: 2011-9-21

DNS1: 1.nseasy.com
DNS2: 2.nseasy.com

Private Whois Service
Private Whois Service fp75akd4d95245d8b60e@oqjij874d9300d54bd95.privatewhois.net
****Contact the owner by email only****
c/o avast-download.com
N4892 Nassau

Here is how the fake avast! webpage is looking:




And here is the original avast! Homepage:




Clicking Download Now button on the fake avast! website takes us to another dubious website, www.safeinternetexperience.com where is promised “instant access to unlimited music and movie downloads”!




You don’t need to be a geek to realize that this site is looking like a scam website and “Choose Your Plan” step means that the promised “instant access” is not free at all. I have not gone further with the analysis for this second scam website, but the steps are more likely to choose a plan, to give the details of your credit card used for payment and to have it compromised.

That’s why is a good habit when you follow a promising link, to always check–just take a look in the browser address bar to see in what place you really are, and if you are interested for a specific product, freeware or not, perform first a little research using a search engine looking for the official product website and for users reviews.

Keep safe !

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