New scam Skype website

A new scam website trying to impersonate the Skype official website appeared on the Internet. The site is

and the details who own the domain are private.

The website has a layout and colors(white and blue) trying to imitate the Skype official website and even the Skype logo is present. It has a .ru TLD and is in russian language.




This scam website offers for downloading a fake Skype installer, named skype_setup.exe with 2.42 MB in size and MD5 hash: E4FA92CA336D545E7AF8E253F42F1EDB .This executable is protected with a packer to prevent it from being reverse engineered.

If someone is fooled to download and install this rogue software,will be prompted during the installation to send paid SMS to different phone numbers supposedly for Skype activation. Depending of the country each SMS is charged with 3 EUROs for European countries or $5 for Canada.




I wonder what will be the next chapter in this story? Maybe a SEO poisoning session trying to push this scam website as high as possible in Search Engine Results Position.

Keep safe !

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