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Don’t really have an article to comment on this time. Instead let me add a little something that jumped in my lap. Or maybe you could say, jumped on my computer. It may be that you too run into this and after reading about it here, you will have the answers on how to remove it.

My little episode began with my antivirus running out. So I thought I would try another with an equivalent level of protection. Sadly, the new antivirus would not install without removing the firewall in place. I started then just to go back to what I knew worked except trying new stuff is how you find out about how good one product is over another. Or just call me reckless at heart.

After the new antivirus was installed, I was off to find a new firewall. So I happened up on PC Tools Firewall (which you will pardon if I don’t give you the address in the interests of not spreading more malware). PC Tools Firewall is not hosted for download at their own home site but rather they pass off the job to CNet. Once I got the program in I went ahead and installed the software firewall. So far, so good.

A few hours later I started noticing the LAN speed was slowing down considerably. Oh, it was still usable but not near where it normally is. This was my first clue something was wrong. Shortly after that I wanted to take a look at PC and Network traffic graphics in Task Manager. Only Task Manager wouldn’t come up. It stalled on the working icon and remained there, never actually bringing up Task Manager. I knew then I had picked up something for sure. I also found I could not search for antivirus sites and the malware cleaners and antivirus (all up to date on definitions) couldn’t be pulled up either.

So off to safe mode I went with a reboot. Malwarebytes showed it to be Affiliate Downloader as the guilty party. It removed it and I removed the installation of the PC Tools Firewall. Returning back to regular mode, I found Task Manager once again available. As a precaution I went ahead and ran all programs again, just to check. Everything was clean and Task Manager remained available for the several hours I was watching it close. As a double check, I went back and reinstalled the PC Tools Firewall to verify it was infected as the Downloader program was fairly simple to dispose of. Sure enough it was there in the execute file. So I cleaned it one more time in safe mode and deleted the software firewall.

Don’t go looking for the current and latest version, from their home page. The firewall appeared to be a rather simple program with none of the advanced features you would expect from a full featured software firewall and it’s tailoring to your uses is rather limited.

Pass on this one, it isn’t worth it.

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