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Malicious code, types and trends–part 1

– Computer viruses are parasitic programs which are able to replicate themselves, attach themselves to other executables in the computer, and perform some unwanted and often malicious actions. A virus is not able to spread itself to another computers, some user actions are needed for it to infect a new computer. Downloading and running software from untrusted sources, inserting an USB drive without a previous scan–remember always disable the AutoRun feature for the drives as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs– , downloading and running emails or IM attachments even from known persons, can put you in the nasty situation to have an infected computer. Always when you deal with these situations and to …

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Simple check of a suspicious file

A friend of mine send me a RAR archive containing an executable and a “crack’, telling me his antivirus gives him an alert when he tried to run the “crack”. He downloaded the file from a link posted on a blog, the file was hosted on a file sharing site and the question was if the antivirus alert is because of the name “crack” so if it’s a “false positive”. For who does not know, a “crack” is a small executable which is able to modify an applications executable to act like a registered (licensed) program and a “false positive” is a false virus alert of the antivirus. I’ve used …

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Zeus Banking Trojan now targets Firefox as well as IE

In the multitude of trojans spreaded in the wild these days, a special category named banking trojans as Zeus, Bzub or Torpig deserves the name of the most dangerous trojans for online banking transactions. The most known and scaring is Zeus and his features ¬†include a Polymorphic Engine which make it able to re-encrypt itself each time he infects a computer, as a consequence the common detection methods based on virus binary signature are not for any help–each time the trojan has another signature. It’s true the Zeus trojan is around from 2005 year, but now he has new and scaring features. Until now, the trojan was able to hook …

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